China media and  journalism placements


China has always been a mystical and fascinating country to visit. It's history dates back millennia, spanning dynasties and civilisations that have been responsible for some of the most important innovations through time. From gun powder to paper, China's developments propelled it to the forefront of international trade.

Today, a modern and prosperous China is once again at the forefront of the global economy but this economic development has not been at the expense of its culture. Even today, many of Beijing's skyscrapers that dominate the skyline of the business district are built in the style of traditional Chinese buildings, often fronted by colourfully ornate gates and topped by the sloping curves of Pagoda style roofs. In most cities you will still see people practising Tai Chi in the mornings and children working hard drawing ancient Chinese script with brush and paper.

It's this combination of economic growth and deep rooted culture that makes China such a great place to travel to with Global Media Projects. International publications in Beijing produced in English making great work experience projects for budding journalists.