TV broadcast journalism placements

Television broadcast journalism and media work experience projects

Experience in the industry is paramount in finding jobs in broadcast journalism. You might elect to get this experience as an intern at a local television station or you could join one of our projects and gain practical and worthwhile broadcast journalism experience at a TV station in Ghana, Tanzania or Mexico.

Gaining meaningful TV work experience at Coastal TV in Ghana or Millan Television in Tanzania will also make you stand out as having gained this experience somewhere unique, which is all important when competing against so many others who are all going for the same job

TV Broadcast journalism placements

As a Television broadcast journalist in Ghana, Mexico or Tanzania you will work with local journalists, attending press briefings, interviewing members of the public to gauge local opinion and researching the stories of the day. If you have the talent, you may also have the opportunity to present these stories to camera.

TV Broadcast assistant / production placements

Opportunities don't just exist for those looking to be in front of the camera. Our TV media work experience projects are also open to those who are looking to gain experience as production assistants, writing scripts, working with on-air talent, editting VT and operating camera and sound equipment. Contact us to see which project is best for you.