Print media projects

Print journalism and online media projects

As any budding journalist knows, it's tough to break into media. You have to be able to demonstrate that you can actually write, but you also that you can come up with an unusual angle and that you think ‘outside the box’. Having any article in your portfolio from an Indian magazine or experience on your CV from a Ghanaian newspaper can indicate that not only do you have aptitude but also that you are someone who does things differently.

The understanding that you will gain working in the media overseas will be unlike any that you could get at home! The placement will also be completely unique and will really stand out on your CV or resume. How many people competing with you for that job at the newspaper will have spent time at the Guadalajara Reporter in Mexico   ?

You might be a seasoned journalist looking for a new challenge, a media or gap year student hoping to get some useful and unique work experience or you might be someone looking to try out a new career path. We will tailor your placement according to your academic background, previous experience and language skills so we'll ask to see a short CV and some examples of your work.

We work with various media partners in each country and the opportunities on these programmes are varied. We can arrange placements in print journalism at newspapers and magazines as well as online media. We also have limited opportunities for those with an interest in photography. Contact us to see which project is best for you.