Print journalism placements

Print journalism / online media work experience in Beijing, China

The print and online journalism projects in China are based at various English language publications in Beijing. These publications include those aimed at the growing English speaking ex-patriot population and those aimed at Chinese people who are looking to improve their English. Our main publication is a weekly news magazine. The well-written articles explore a range of topics and the current issues and provide a distinct perspective into local and international events that are shaping China. The publication has an online edition too, so this placement is ideal for those that are interested in gaining experience in online media.

Another of our partner publications is part of the largest newspaper group in China based in Beijing. Even its English language publications (it has several) have circulations of over 1 million copies per day! These publications are focused towards school children, students, teachers and business professionals, so the subjects you will be reporting on will be diverse. Other placements include China editions of UK newspapers, features magazines and English language news websites.

As with all our projects in China, having some Chinese is useful, so we include basic Chinese lessons as part of the programme. You will use English while at work but having some Chinese helps when on assignment, at press conferences or taking public opinion.

Contact us to chat about which programme would be best for you.

Accommodation on this project is at an international youth hostel near the centre of Beijing. You will share this accommodation with others on our medical, teaching and business projects. For more click here>>

Your role

Researching the news wires for international events
Attending local press briefings and conferences
Interviewing members of the public and business leaders
Writing and editing
Page layout
Online publishing


A serious interest in journalism
Good conversational English
Good ICT skills, particularly use of word and excel
Minimum age 18 years old (no maximum age)

This project is suitable for:

Gap year students
Media students
Career breakers and those looking to try a career in media
media internships
Experienced journalists looking to expand their portfolio

Previous experience of media is not necessary but the projects are tailored to your interests and experience. We will ask for a CV and examples of previous published work. If you haven't had anything published, the editors of the publications will usually set you an assignment so that they can gauge your writing style and ability to work to assignment.

Project start dates

Every Friday

Please aim to arrive on a Thursday afternoon or Friday morning so that your induction can be conducted on Friday. You can arrive on other days by appointment but additional fees may apply. Please avoid arriving on a weekend. Accommodation spaces throughout the year are limited so reserve your space now.

Click here to book this porject online nowCosts

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2022 £1,095 £1,095 £1,295 £1,295 £1,295 £1,295 £1,295 £1,295 £1,295 £1,295 £1,295 £1,095
2023 £1,095 £1,095 £1,295 £1,295 £1,295 £1,295 £1,295 £1,295 £1,295 £1,295 £1,295 £1,095
2024 £1,095 £1,095 £1,095 £1,095 £1,095 £1,095 £1,095 £1,095 £1,095 £1,095 £1,095 £1,095

All costs shown above are for one month. Additional months can be added for £895.

What's included

Donation to the project
Your accommodation
UK support
(including comprehensive predeparture information and briefing)
Airport pick-up
Local induction
Basic language course
Local overseas support
Your food
(in project accommodation)

What's not included

Spending money
Food during weekend if travelling independently