Romania media and  journalism placements

Global Media Projects in Romania

Romania is one of Europe's newest members but possibly one of it's best kept secrets. Still relatively untouchered from the rampant pace of modernisation in the post-Soviet era, Romania is a great place to travel to.

Our base in Romania is the quaint medieval town of Brasov. The historic town of Brasov sits surrounded by the stunning Carpathian mountains in the heart of Transylvania. The mystical Carpathian Mountains are still home to packs of wild wolves and brown bears although it's unlikely you'll see either without expert guidance!

Brasov itself is a real historical journey. Old grey soviet style multi-storey buildings on the outskirts of the town give way to a old style town square surrounded by buildings, churches and forts which date back to the medieval period.

Travel further in your weekends to discover the alpine surrounds, ski resorts, medieval castles and of course the home of Vlad the Impaler, reputedly the inspiration for Transylvania's most famous son - Dracula!